Patient Information Concerning Appointments

Stanmore Medical Group is  constantly looking at ways to improve the appointment availability for our patients.  We currently offer a full triage system which ensures that every patient wishing to be seen, or speak to a clinician, on the day for their medical problems can have contact with a GP.

Every morning, we have two GPs on call and every patient wishing to be seen on that day after the book on the day appointments have gone, can be called back by the GP who will listen to their symptoms and who will then either arrange for them to be seen in our sit and wait clinic, which happens every day for patients needing to be seen, or they will be treated over the telephone.

We have discovered that many issues can be easily dealt with over the telephone which is a much quicker way for patients to get their problems attended to.

We have one GP on call in the afternoon and he/she will also deal with any urgent problems that arise.

We do have pre-bookable appointments and we do try to ensure that these appointments are available up to six weeks in advance.  Sometimes it is difficult to get a rota on to the system quickly as there are many alterations due to sickness, holiday, study days etc.  So if there is not a pre-bookable appointment available, please do keep trying or else use our triage system if the need is more pressing.

We do try to guarantee that any patient feeling that they have an urgent problem will always have access to a GP either on the telephone or as a sit and wait or an appointment with one of our Emergency Nurse Practitioners.